gear stories:

An instrument is a loyal companion in a musicians journey. Our instruments are next to us for some of the craziest memories in our lives. Playing new stages for the first time, going on tours, recording songs. There's nothing like being the bond between you and your instrument. 

Great Divide SBDC 17-G

 It may not be my favorite one, but it's got that cedar warmth for days. I've never gigged with it or used it on a recording, but it's been a faithful companion at the campfire 

2008 honda element

The perfect car / van / camper for ANY musician. It's a tank in the winter, the seats fold into a bed, and it's got that famous Honda reliability. Simply put... This thing is THE SHIT!

Limited Edition Fender MIM Strat

Used to record most of Villa Manor's "Redefined EP", This Strat was a staple of "my sound" in the days of me focusing on electric guitar. I want on to use it  frequently with Sourloon and it also made a handful of appearances on the new album, "How are You?"

Steve hawk's ibanez ael20-e

Steve Hawk is a local favorite for his unique songwriting and incredible sound. This guitar has served Steve well in his live performance career, and speaking from the sound guys perspective, this guitar is a dream to work with. Check it out!