gear stories:

Season 2 starts in October! In the meantime, come to a show or listen to some of the new music I've released this year! Seeya soon!

An instrument is a loyal companion in a musicians journey. Our instruments are next to us for some of the craziest memories in our lives. Playing new stages for the first time, going on tours, recording songs. There's nothing like being the bond between you and your instrument. 

Home Studio Tour

This is where all the "magic" happens. I'm grateful to have a space in my home dedicated to making music. This room has been moved around countless times to fit everything I need as a grow creatively. It's a small space to begin with. Then add amps, drums, keyboards, guitar racks, sound proofing, pedals, and a musician or two... It gets a little cramped. All that being said, this is one of my favorite places to be. Even though it is 90 degrees in here most days. 

The taylor 214ce

My main live guitar. I love the Taylor 200 series for their balance of affordability and performance.  I use this over the 210 because the 210 is so incredibly special to me. If someone is going to throw a beer bottle at me, I'd rather it hit this than my beloved 210.


The Great Divide ssd-sb

This poor thing... Its seen a lot. A solid Sitka Spruce top with a nice crack in it from a TV. Laminate Sapele back and sides. Served as a great back up and practice guitar for when i thought a jam session would turn into a ridiculous party... Oh the early days.

The Bedell TB-17-G

A well appointed guitar featuring a Canadian Red Cedar top and solid African Sapele. A great companion in the studio, used on many songs on my upcoming LP.